The Tern Returns

So 14789204738 years ago I met Msheed at our old job.  I love that we both collectively have new and awesome jobs.  Which is beside the point.

One summer, at said old job, we got a summer intern that worked for my department.  Which meant she worked for everyone, because that’s just how we rolled at said old job.  I borrowed the phrase ‘Tudey ‘Tern from my good friend Anna {who managed interns at HER said old job} and when our summer ‘Tern ended up not being so ‘Tudey and just down right awesome, we shortened her nickname {and when I love you you get one forever} to the Tern.  And it stuck.

The Tern went on to work for our said old place of employment in BEUNOS FREAKING AIRES and after a brief stint {read 2.5 years} in Latin America handing out besos and felice all over Latin America the Tern has in fact returned to NOVA, and Msheeds and I were on hand, at Don Pablos no less, to welcome her with open arms.

It was really super awesome to catch the Tern up on our lives that she missed {and lived via facebook and this here blog} and I just loved how the three of us fell into step again; old friends giggling over queso and chips and soda and tacos — just like so many years before.

It struck me when I got home that there were a lot of miles between the Tern and us, and a lot of time.  But it was like she’d never been away and nothing had changed, when nothing had in fact stayed the same.  I wondered how many of you reading this now will see a post like this one two maybe ten years down the road, when we meet up over ice cream or queso or diet cokes and reminisce about the times I didn’t live with my husband, when we were figuring out life and obnoxiously writing about it on the internet, never missing a beat.  Miles will separate a lot of you from me, from us, in 11 short months, but the Tern is a proof of concept.  You can be far from my grasp, but never from heart.

Barf.  Sorry.

How are you at long distance friendships?  Anyone you adore come home recently?


One thought on “The Tern Returns

  1. you can totally barf out more blogs that involve me – the Tern- and great friendships. you hit my heart there L, in a good way 🙂 ha!

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