W&B Loves: The Shopping Stories

I have a lot of problems.  I tend to overeat liquid cheese, I’m a procrastinator to the Nth degree and I looooooooooooooove to shop.  It’s not quite a shopaholic obsession as I manage to pay my bills on time and don’t shop in lieu of say, paying the rent but I like to do it.  A lot.

To feed said obsession, and to help those of us that are prone to fashion failures, there’s a new girl in town {not really that new in town, she’s just new to blogging} that help unforutnates like me know where and what to find to look all sorts of fabulous.  Please meet Stef from The Shopping Stories.

sorry for the awful screen grab

I particularly enjoy the What I Would Wear pieces because most often that’s what I would wear, too.  If I didn’t shop off the sale rack at Target and out of my grandmother’s closet.

Do you have a favo new fashion blogger friend?  I’d love to hear from them, too!


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