Home coming

This week, I rented a car and drove myself to Pittsburgh.  I was going home.


As I was driving away, with the city sky line in my rearview mirror, I got to thinking of home as kind of a funny concept.

Growing up, home was always the little brick house on the corner.  Home was filled with Mom and Big Paul, Grammy across the yard and Eric.

Then, I went away to college

and then law school

see doubled sticking around?

and then Pittsburgh was my home.  While I was there, you know by now, I met a boy and I felt like home was wherever he was.  But then I moved to Washington, DC and that became my home.

Especially after that boy and I got married.  And now, we have that apartment in California where my darling husband lives.

And that feels like home, too.

What is home?

To me, home is where I feel comfortable.  It’s where I know how to drive everywhere and love to get lost in the streets.  Home is where I can go and walk around and feel the memories swirling around me.  Home is sometimes a house; sometimes it’s a zip code or it’s an apartment.  Home has always been where there have been amazing people who love me and whom I love right back.

I have 4 homes and I’m only 1 girl.  A lucky loved one.

With a lot of options for couches to crash on.

What is home to you?


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