2011: Here I Come!

As I gear up for a crazy new year celebration {most likely spent recovering from some weird strain of the flu on a couch or mattress on a floor} I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions and goals for the coming year.  Since MB moved to CA, it’s been really easy for me to fall into a pattern of hoping and dreaming about what the next steps are going to look like in our life as the aperture is WIDE open because of our new life style.  I can dream big.

I quickly realized, though, that making lots of plans based on dreams for the near future is a bit silly and has left me feeling out of control and salty.  As I browsed my all but neglected twitter feed, I ran into the always inspirational lululemon, who was touting the goal of one of their employees; homegirl is going to run an ultra marathon next year.

Everyone take a deep breath.  I will NOT be running an ultra marathon.  What I DID decide from that extreme runner’s piece, though is that I need to start setting goals not planning on dreams.  Lucky for me the ever helpful lululemon has some tools to help me start setting goals for the year of the rabbit.

go ahead, admit it.  you missed our faces.

lululemon starts by explaining that goals are not to do lists.  Hmm, a to do list, huh.  I think I have a big ol’ one of those.  The first thing I did in order to set realistic, attainable goals was delete my 101 in 1001.  Let’s be honest, I made those to dos in hasty fashion {I didn’t even HAVE all 101} and there was no way I was going to accomplish them.  The list made me feel inadequate and antsy which in turn made me ignore it.  So here I am one more step closer to creating goals!

Now, I’m supposed to start thinking about my ideal life in order to set goals to help me achieve it.  Yikes!  And ideal life!?  I barely know what I’m going to order when I got to lunch with my brother and sister!!  Thank goodness there are some helpful questions!

After I get through he questions I have some writing homework.  I have to write down some statements and few speeches that will help shape what my ideal life is.  Then the fun part!  I get to make a vision board!  How fun!  Polyvore, here I come.

As I picked through the post on lululemon’s blog I thought about my own forgotten blog.  I miss it terribly and it’s right there in front of my face.  I’m excited that I have this little multi-post project to ease me back into blogging.  Maybe some of my goals will even be blog related ones!

Are you setting goals or making to do lists for 2011?  What helps you live your ideal life?


2 thoughts on “2011: Here I Come!

  1. Hello dear 🙂 I came onto your blog to look at photos of your wedding cake (getting inspiration to help a friend with her wedding) and thought I’d leave a comment for ya. Yes, I have set goals and made lists for 2011. Week 1 has been successful 😀 My goals are to run 20 miles a week, write 20 pages a week (okay, wasn’t successful on that one because I’m still outlining the new book, but eventually…), send out 25 more query letters in February, and for my more abstract goals, to worry less about the future and enjoy the present, be a better wife and mother, and try to be the person I want to be. Whatever that means 😛
    Love ya!

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