Wants! (iii): Bday Edition

My birthday is so totally coming up.  It’s kind of a not that big of a birthday, number-wise. It is a big birthday because it’s my first one on the east AND the west coast. In my mind, that means that I need to request a ridiculous amount of really expesnsive gifts. Now, if we please:

wants iii

So, I have absolutely no reason to want the very expensive Lily Pulitzer dresses, Jcrew frock, the multiple thousand dollar Louis Vuitton, the bedroom furniture, or the over the knee boots and necklace from Anthropologie. But season 4-present of the Office, but I think someone could probably swing that.
For links to everything I need for my 28th year on Earth, visit me at Polyvore.
What are you looking forward to getting for yourself for no good reason in 2011?


3 thoughts on “Wants! (iii): Bday Edition

  1. Good choices!! I’d like a.) to borrow all your presents and b.) to treat myself to a trip to Europe and eat chocolate crepes for my 28 year on earth!! Happy almost birthday!!

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