Don’t Call it a Comeback

I’m trying desperately this three-day weekend to come back to blogging.  To jump in with both feet and knock it out and have the writing experience be just like it was only a short year ago — fulfilling, exciting, gratifying.

I’ve been thinking a lot this weekend about why I’ve started literally 18 posts {that number is unnerving to me} without being satisfied enough to hit publish.  What am I looking for this post to be?

And then, while browsing my regular blogs I realized, I want to write and about and post things *I* want to read.

A self-centered reaction, to be sure, especially from a blogger who has been MIA more consistently in recent memory than she ever was writing thoughtful pieces.  My revelation makes complete sense to me because my life has changed BIG time, and I’ve {thankfully} changed with it.  My goals and hobbies are different, my focus is different, the things that fulfill me are different and in many ways, those differences were too big to be captured on my blog — something that has had a consistent tone and a few consistent themes.  In a lot of ways, this shifting gears post was inevitable.  And I can honestly say for the first time in almost a year, this is a really satisfying post. 

In case you were wondering my two other most satisfying posts are found here and here.  I can harken back to them without even having to search my own  blog — the satisfaction is still with me.

Now what?

First, I’m going to start my incrementally filling you in on my goals for this, the year of the rabbit.  Then, I’ll probably not so incrementally take you on the whirlwind tour of my job  and the career choice that lead to a long distance marriage.  THEN you’ll get the even more whirlwind overview of the nuts and bolts of said long distance marriage and I will, at greater length tell you how it’s quickly grown from long distance union to a transcontinental love affair.  But mostly I’m going to be talking about improvement:  improving myself by improving my health, career satisfaction, mind and relationships.  Improving the way I live my life in big ways and in small and trying to capture the very real ways that I’ve changed as a human being over the last 6 months and how I anticipate I will continue to change.  I want to write the blog that I’m excited to log onto every day to read.

Oh — and I’ve also got to find more blogs that inspire me.  Do you read anything that really, really inspires you?

OHOH!  And I have to tell you about my new Uggs.  They are FABULOUS! {see not everything has to change!}

What have you been up to?  Any big life changes I should know about?


3 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Comeback

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