2012: The year of the marathon?

Mmm K. So when last we left off, I was doing ridiculous things like declaring New Media to be my version of being on a SEAL team and generally trying to quit blogging.

I want to be clear.  I meant all of it.

Except maybe the blogging part.

Well the lady blogging part.

I’m back and I’m back with avenegence so I can start one of the most annoying forms of blogging in the WORLD:  RUNNER BLOGGING.

Now before you go getting all snitty about how I just totally dissed your personal brand of blogging, let me give it to you straight.  Most blogging is really ridiculous.  It’s kind of like the voice memo function on your iPhone:  sometimes you engage just to hear your own voice.

Blogging can also be a really great way to organize your thoughts, vent or just generally keep track of your own life.  But honestly, what is more annoying than a girl who posts pictures of her husband, calzones and quasi famous authoresses?  Oh, girls who blog about their wedding.  And now marathon training.

On December 25 (read:  Christmas) I start my 20 week training plan for the Pittsburgh Marathon  I have the little tracker app on my phone which during the pre training has been really helpful, but let’s all be honest with ourselves, I skip work outs, refuse to track mileage and generally sleep in on Fridays.  Well, no more.  I want more than anything (even more than the Frye boots I’ve been coveting for 3 years — AHEM TINY BIG) to finish this sucker in 5 hours in my city WITHOUT having to be rushed into the care of Dr. Best Man — remember him?   Yeah me either.

The slight hitch is that we leave for a very London vacation on Wednesday December 28.  The same day I’m supposed to run 35 minutes.

As we say in Pittsburgh, Here we go!

Also, can we talk about how I am literally obsessed with the Hunger Games Triology?

Oh and I’m looking for a new job?

Oh and that MB moved back.

Oh and Happy Holidays!


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