Pre train: Xmas Eve

Yesterday I ran the last of my 16 week pre train program. I was in eastern PA and despite the recent warm weather courtesy of global climate change friends it was colder than I could handle.
Therefore I came in a little short of my 45 minute target.
dec 24
45min target
28min actual
A little on my training program

100 years ago when I was toying with running my first marathon and decided to ultimately go with the half in Disney World, I downloaded marathon coach by running method. I love the program for two reasons:
1. I love training to a target number of minutes rather than a target number of miles. It’s actually how my brain works. I think of finishing the marathon in a certain number of hours rather than the completion of a set number of miles. I also feel like saying I have to run 45 minutes is less scary than proclaiming I have to move 4.5 miles before breakfast.
2. The app is very flexible. The schedule is pretty rigorous (4 days running 2 days cross train 1 day rest) but I can change the days I do each based on my schedule for the week. The app lets me make those changes so I can track my progress.

Today is Christmas. The first day of my 20 week training. It was a rest day.

Did you get any cool running gifts? Do you use any running apps?


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