Internet BFF

I have this friend, Julie, whom I’ve actually never met in real life.  We’re not actually BFF.  I secretly dream about being her BFF but you know, that’s creepy.  {It IS TMI Thursday after all}

Julie is disgrunted, by admission, and for good reason.  She is a fifth year PhD student in biochem and oncology.  She lives here in DC, and her HUSBAND lives in PHILLY!  {ack!}.  Julie, however, is keepin’ it real, helping lahubs get outta med school debt and reps the city of champions like it’s her job {WPA -WHAT?!}.

So.  Today W&Bers.  You will go to this link.  You will scroll down.  You will choose #95.  You will press vote.  Julie will win a new camera bag.  And all will be well with the world.

Do you have any internet BFFs?


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